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KIMPHIL Consultants Tanzania Limited is a private engineering company established in 2013 by professionals with wide experience in specialized Engineering Services originally in KIMPHIL Konsult (T) Limited the objective being to strengthen the professional capability and as strategy to address business and professional challenges facing the latter.

The Vision of KIMPHIL Consultants Tanzania Limited is to develop into a National, Regional and Universally recognised and accredited engineering multinational consulting organization.

The Mission of KIMPHIL Consultants Tanzania Limited is to build association with other engineers and engineering firms within and outside the country in order to acquire the capability to provide specialized engineering services to international professional standards.

The Objectives of KIMPHIL Consultants Tanzania Limited is to steadily strive to perform to the best of its ability in meeting the expectations of its clients and to provide, maintain and sustain high quality services. KIMPHIL Consultants Tanzania Limited also aims at achieving outstanding customer relations by attending timeously to clients’ needs and requirements by providing best-in-class systems and solutions that are subjected to continuous improvement as well as co-operating and partnering with other players within the industry with the view of sharing knowledge and experience.

KIMPHIL Consultants Tanzania Limited operates with high levels of integrity in pursuit of customer satisfaction and aligning with other organisations with similar values in areas where skills are not adequate to execute on a specific project and to honour its social responsibility by contributing to needy, charity organisations.

KIMPHIL Consultants Tanzania Limited was established to create a dynamic, creative environment for its professional staff such that with extensive experience in engineering, consultancy, construction industry and industrial development; knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm can be brought to each assignment. Services being undertaken are technical studies, environmental impact assessment, project and construction management, maintenance management, project planning, engineering detail design, projects supervision, contract management and administration, equipment and material selection and procurement, inspection, testing and commissioning.
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