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Our Services

KIMPHIL Consultants (T) Limited offers consultancy and services in mechanical engineering in the following areas: Ventilation and Extract System; Refrigeration and Cold Storage; Fuel Gas Supply and Distribution systems; Lift, Hoists and Escalators; Acoustics; Plumbing and Fire Engineering.

It is the policy of KIMPHIL Consultants (T) Limited to provide consultancy services of quality. Projects are carried out in an organized, cost effective, timely manner and in accordance with professional standards and meet all the requirements of the brief agreed with the client.

All reports and deliverables are edited and finished reviewed by professionals on respective disciplines .Final project review and assurance is confirmed by frequent and detailed Client level communication.

KIMPHIL Consultants (T) Limited’s ability to support the implementation and construction of an actual project, be it a study or an engineering design, results in better ‘real time’ information about costs, ridership, marketing impacts and revenue resources.

KIMPHIL Consultants (T) Limited strength is set on combination of “hands on” experience in mechanical engineering and all encompassing knowledge of the construction industry , industrial development with enthusiastic grasp of today’s economy and technology.

Basing on engineering design principle, that encompasses three key stages of realization:

Need – all designs begin with a clearly defined need,

Vision – all designs arise from a creative response to a need and

Delivery – all designs result in a system, product or project that meets the need.

Our Activities

  • Industrial Mechanical Installations,
  • Mechanical Services in Buildings.
  • Lift, Hoists and Escalators.
  • Cold storage and Refrigeration installations.
  • Air conditioning and Ventilation Installation.
  • Acoustics Engineering
  • Fire Engineering
  • Gas Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Pump Stations installations
  • Maintenance Contracts Management.
  • Project and Contract Management.