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Fire Engineering

KIMPHIL Consultants (T) Limited provides fire safety engineering services for projects across the country.We will help you to ensure that your building or infrastructure project complies with current fire safety guidance in a cost-effective way.
Using our extensive knowledge of fire safety engineering, combined with the latest research and modelling tools, our experienced engineers will work with your design team to ensure that the design is right – first time, every time.
Our experience on iconic projects around the country also means we are able to work with the relevant authorities to secure the necessary approvals and comply with both national and international design codes.
Our colleagues have an excellent reputation for integrity and providing the highest level of care and expertise on all our projects, no matter what the size or location.

Our Services include;

  • Fire safety Concept
  • Disability Access Review
  • Fire Assessments
  • Fire Evacuation Modelling
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety Audit
  • Fire Safety Certificate Application
  • Fire Safety During Construction
  • Fire Strategy
  • Structural Fire Analysis
  • Technical Due Diligence Fire Safety Surveys
  • Third Party Fire Systems Review
  • Third Party QA Services